Montessori Method

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An aerial view of Norfolk, VA and its waterside in 1892, the location of nowadays Downtown Norfolk

A Montessori study of Place: Downtown Norfolk, VA

This blog post is about a Montessori study of our school’s home place: Downtown Norfolk, VA. Being a Montessori study, it is an active process of learning through participation. David Kahn, the leader of the Montessori adolescent movement, writes that, for Montessori middle and high schools, “[p]lace inspires belonging. Place…

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Montessori high school students in a greenhouse

How We Practice Montessori Pedagogy

Focus On Individual Progress and Development Students progress at their own pace, moving on to the next step in each area of the curriculum when they are ready. Each student is viewed as a distinct individual for the purpose of assessment and educational program planning. We, the teachers, observe the…

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