Adolescent Development

Teenagers learn through ambivalence how to see the complex picture of reality

How Ambivalence Empowers Teenagers

This is my best friend; I hate this guy so much My teachers are the best; my teachers are the worst I can’t wait to go to college; I don’t want to go to college  I’m pretty; I’m ugly I’m so sad; I’m so happy Ambivalence is the Mark of…

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High School Students building with wood at 757 MakerSpace

How to Thrive in Change

During the 2015-2016 school year—Roadstead’s first year as an independent program (we were hatched in the previous year within Ghent Montessori Middle School)—we centered the science curriculum on a low-cost solar energy plant developed by a Norfolk-based inventor, Steve Nelson (the founder of Zenman Energy. The climax of these science…

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Roadstead students learning to prepare food with a culinary chef

Preparation for Adult Life with Real World Experience

“When students graduate from your high school, are they prepared for adult life?”  This is a frequent question we hear from parents in interviews. Usually, this question implies readiness for college. I agree, for most teenagers, college is the number one expected step after high school. I will write in…

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